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Opinion: The year I became a ‘minority’

CHICAGO — Is the sky falling for minority students because the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case seeking an end to using race as a preferential college … Read More

Food blogs we love: T’s Tasty Bits

Who’s blogging: T’s Tasty Bits is written by me, Tamara Lukens.  I was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and immigrated to the United States over 15 years … Read More

Mexican-American children eat less sugar than peers, says new study

You hear it all the time: Latinos are considered more likely to consume more sugar and fat than almost any other ethnic group. However, a new study released … Read More

The DREAM Project to raise funds for youth in the Dominican Republic

Pulitzer-prize winning author Junot Díaz and Dominican actress Celinés Toribio are joining forces as honorary chairs of the DREAM Project to raise funds to … Read More

President Obama honors Latino Iraq war vets at White House dinner

Corporal Clara Surita is among 200 veterans and their guests attending a special dinner hosted by President Barack Obama tonight at the White House. Surita was … Read More

Introducing Génesis Rodríguez, Will Ferrell’s new (on screen!) Latina love

She’s every inch the Latina bombshell but Hollywood newcomer Génesis Rodríguez is ready to prove that her talent doesn’t just lie in her good looks. As Will … Read More

Bruce Springsteen tweets to help missing Boston student

Bruce Springsteen used his Twitter account to help find the missing Boston College student, whose disappearance has mobilized a community.  Franco Garcia, 21, … Read More

Cafepress under fire for Anti-Mexican merchandise

Cafepress is an e-commerce website where you can buy user-submitted t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and much more. All manner of merchandise is available for purchase … Read More

Autism not diagnosed as early in Latino children, says study

An autism study released earlier this month has shown that children from a minority background show more severe symptoms of the disorder than Caucasian … Read More

Opinion: Mitt Romney passed the test

The Arizona primary was the first real test of Mitt Romney’s appeal to a Southwestern constituency. With a semi-closed primary where independents could … Read More