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Opinion: Mitt’s Makeover

Remember boring ole Mitt?  The one with the cheesy jokes and no fire in the belly?  Well, the cheese factor is still there, but now the fire is too.   Last … Read More

Nevada’s Republican Latino voters have an independent streak

Goodbye Sunshine state, hello American West.  After Florida, the next battleground for the Republican presidential nomination is Nevada, which will hold its … Read More

Facebook goes public: Latinos in tech and finance react

$100 Billion. That much money might be difficult for most people to imagine but Facebook is banking that its initial public offer (IPO) will be valued at the … Read More

New online/tech tools for moms in 2012

(Photo/Getty Images) With the explosion of technological tools in the area of education, more and more moms are looking online for ways to help their children … Read More

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney waves during his victory celebration after winning the Florida primary election Tuesday … Read More