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Fears of bullying in one community fuel crusade for change

Carlos Verastegue was just six years old when he was bullied in his school’s playground, taunted by his classmates for being Hispanic. Insults from his peers … Read More

Opinion: What we can learn from Jeremy Lin

CHICAGO — l admit that when I first saw the headline “Ben & Jerry’s apologizes for Jeremy Lin fortune cookie frozen yogurt,” I innocently wondered: … Read More

What was seen and not heard at The Oscars

Jennifer Lopez always seems to know how to get a reaction at the Oscars, even if she’s not nominated for anything. Her form-fitting Zuhair Murad gown with a … Read More

Latina chefs becoming the new face in cooking

MIAMI BEACH, Florida (AP) — A decade after Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez helped Latin music explode into the mainstream, Latina chefs are doing the same for … Read More

Opinion: A false story about Latinos

CHICAGO — Let’s get something straight: Latinos are not anti-Israel, despite what you may have heard on the Internet or in emailed newsletters. The ugly … Read More

BrailleTouch to help the visually impaired

There is now a faster way to text for people who are blind. A new app called BrailleTouch will allow the visually impaired to text on a touchscreen using the … Read More

Essential Culture: Weekend of February 24, 2012

What to watch, read and enjoy this weekend in Latino USA. Theatre Growing Up Gonzales at the Jan Hus Playhouse (New York, New York) Andrew Chulisi Rodriguez … Read More

Ten easy heart health tips for Latinas

Dr. Jane Delgado knows all too well what can happen when Latinas aren’t tuned in to their heart health. “My mother was one of those factory workers who was … Read More

Latinos fill the screen in “Act of Valor” movie

Ray is not an actor playing a U.S. Navy SEAL, he actually is an active real-life U.S. Navy SEAL playing a lead role in “Act of Valor”. The film premieres in … Read More

SOBE FOOD FEST: Cuban chef Douglas Rodriguez

Trying to interview chef Douglas Rodriguez at his South Beach restaurant a couple of days before the beginning of the annual Food & Wine Festival here is … Read More