Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the latest target of activist Randy Parraz. (Photo/Getty) (PHOENIX – APRIL 29: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks to participants at the Border Security Expo on April 29, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. Arpaio, promoted by his supporters as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” voiced his support for Arizona’s new controversial immigration enforcement law. His deputies conduct frequent sweeps against undocumented immigrants in his county, which includes the state capitol Phoenix. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images))

One Man Takes On Controversial Sheriff’s “investigation” of Obama

Arizona Latino community activist Randy Parraz is angry, and he has one question.

“Why is Sheriff Joe Arpaio wasting taxpayer money and time investigating President Obama’s birth certificate?” he asks.  

Today controversial Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose office was found to have racially profiled Latinos, conducted illegal “immigration sweeps” and allowed alleged abuses against Latino immigrants in the county jails, announced the results of what he called his “cold-case posse” investigation.

Sheriff Arpaio said “he believes Obama’s long form birth certificate was manufactured electronically.”

Arpaio has said this investigation is being conducted by ex-police officers in response to a petition signed by 250 local Tea Party members, and he has said taxpayer money is not being used.

Parraz says that is a lie. “When Arpaio goes to the press conference, he is still on payroll.”

“I’m livid, and I’m sick of this stuff,” Parraz adds.

Last time Parraz got “livid” about an official’s treatment of the Latino community, the results shook Arizona, and the country. Parraz initiated the successful bi-partisan recall campaign against Arizona Republican state senator Russell Pearce, who designed the controversial immigration law known as SB1070.  Pearce was the state’s top Republican, and lost the recall election to a moderate Republican, Jerry Lewis.

Now Parraz has another goal – the resignation of Sheriff Arpaio.  ”We cannot afford another 11 months. He needs to leave now.”

Parraz is familiar with the world of law enforcement; his father, John Parraz, was a Sergeant in Sacramento, California who co-founded the Latino Peace Officers Association. Parraz started as a community organizer and then went on to receive degrees from prestigious institutions like University of California-Berkeley and Harvard University. After years in organized labor, Parraz lost a 2010 Democratic primary campaign to run against Republican Senator John McCain.

After his successful recall campaign against Arizona state senator and SB1070 architect Russell Pearce, Parraz has focused his sights on Arpaio.

“Arpaio does not represent what Arizona is,” he says.  ”This type of fear and intimidation has damaged our image and our brand in this state.”

The outspoken organizer says he has no patience what he describes as the Justice Department’s delay of a formal indictment of the controversial Sheriff. “I am bewildered,” he says.  ”If you don’t have enough evidence, why release a report?”

Parraz’s organization, Citizens for a Better Arizona, released a television ad against Sheriff Arpaio; in fact, it aired during the Republican debate in Arizona.  The ad says Sheriff Joe Arpaio “is not tough, he’s terrible. He needs to resign.”

Parraz says people are conditioned to accept so much, but he learned from his father “you don’t stay quiet.”  Parraz certainly has not.

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