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Bloggers gather at the White House discuss how to improve health among minorities

Earlier this week the White House hosted a Minority Health Blogger Town Hall focusing on the Affordable Health Care Act and how the Department of Health and … Read More

Lalo Alcaraz speaks on recent reports about Mexican migration reaching net zero

Lalo Alcaraz, award-winning illustrator and satirist, talks about what he thinks is the real reasoning behind the Pew Hispanic Center report that suggests … Read More

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Kids are watching 4 hours of background television a day, says study

Adults may think they’ve mastered the art of tuning out the television set during dinner or while doing the dishes, but new research shows that children are … Read More

Latina-led school named a winner by Obama administration

The TERRA Environmental Research Institute in Miami-Dade, Florida has been named one of the first-ever Green Ribbon schools by the U.S. Department of Education … Read More

New research says that avocados are actually good for you

Any way you slice, dice or mash it, avocados are actually good for you. New research reveals that Hass avocados have nutritional and health benefits that can … Read More

Food blogs we love: Always Order Dessert

Who’s blogging: Alejandra Ramos. I’m a food writer, recipe developer, and cooking teacher in New York City. I own a culinary concierge business in New York City … Read More

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Bilingual tips from a literacy expert (and mom!)

Raising your children to speak Spanish fluently while living in an English-dominated country isn’t easy and no one knows this better than Virginia Gonzalez, a … Read More

Latino films sweep awards at 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Here’s the list of Latino flicks taking home honors: “Una Noche,” a film about Cuban teens who flee Havana for the promises of new dreams in Miami, earned … Read More

Essential Culture: Weekend of April 26, 2012

What to watch, read and enjoy this weekend in Latino USA. Theatre “Empanada for a Dream” at the Barrow Group (New York, New York) Performer and writer … Read More

Latinos leading the smartphone revolution

My tia received an I-Pad last Christmas which, of course, led to my abuela and 7 year old prima fighting over the toy. My abuela has never turned on a desktop … Read More