Aran Goyoaga is an expert pastry chef whose experience as mother has lead her to create delicious gluten-free goodies like these scrumptious strawberry scones on her blog, Cannelle Et Vanille. (Photos/courtesy Aran Goyoaga)

Food blogs we love: Cannelle Et Vanille

Who’s blogging: Aran Goyoaga

Explain your blog name: Cannelle Et Vanille (which means cinnamon and vanilla in French) are the smells of my grandparents’ pastry shop in the basque country in northern Spain. I spent my childhood in that pastry kitchen surrounded by family and food. When I started the blog there was a nostalgic component to it and I thought nothing explained it better than those smells.

Blogging since: 2008

Where you’re blogging from: My home in Florida.

Food blogs we love: Cannelle Et Vanille  aranhome e1337113520465 food NBC Latino News

Aran with her two adorable children, who have played an integral part of her blog’s deliciously inspired content.

What recipe from your blog do your children enjoy most?: I have two children, Jon 5 and Miren 2. They enjoy many things, especially the sweet treats, like these gluten-free chocolate chips cookies. When it comes to savory foods, their favorite is the Lentil and root vegetable soup. I make it for them at least once a week. They like to dip cheese toast in it and the leftovers are always good for their lunch box.

What have you learned about food thanks to your children?: My children eat the same foods we eat and I always make a point not to cook anything different from them. My oldest son has a very sensitive palate (he can identify many ingredients even in blended soups), which has really made me even more aware of how textures really affect the overall recipe. So I have come to pay more attention to textures and flavors thanks to them.

How has being a mother inspired your blog’s content?: I was a professional pastry chef before I had children. Once my son Jon was born, I left the professional kitchen to focus on him for a little while. The blog became my creative outlet at this time. Initially, the recipes I shared on the blog had a more elaborate component – from the point of view of a professional chef. After I became pregnant with my daughter Miren, life got a lot more complicated. Also, I developed health problems caused by an underlying gluten intolerance, so the recipes became a lot simpler and gluten free. The blog took a turn. I started sharing more of the actual recipes we were eating at home and that my children loved to cook with me. They love to come into the kitchen and help. It is really inspiring and refreshing to see cooking and food from their perspective.

How blogging has influenced your journey as a mother?: Blogging really hasn’t changed my parenting all that much but I have connected with other mothers with similar sensibilities and goals and that’s been amazing.

Where else can we find you online?: You can see more of my work at portfolio site, and my first cookbook “Small Plates and Sweet Treats: My Family’s Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking” is already for presale at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Indiebound.

What are your favorite food blogs written by fellow moms? Sevenspoons, Not without salt, Gluten-free Girl, La Tartine Gourmande, Orangette are some of my favorites!


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