(Photo/courtesy Dave Allocca-Starpix)

(Victor Cruz – Photo courtesy Dave Allocca/Starpix)

The secret to Victor Cruz’s heart? Confidence and a platter of arroz

Victor Cruz has it all: a Super Bowl championship ring, a coveted spot as a wide receiver on the New York Giants, a loving family and of course, the attention of scores of women given his dynamic personality, smooth salsa moves and sweet smile. So of course, when we had a few minutes to chat with the new dad at the Cosmopolitan Latina launch party in New York City, we had to find out: what is that makes Victor, well, irresistibly Victor?

On being Latino in 2012: “The best thing about being Latino is, for me, personally, the fact that I get to live in New York and play in New York and when I score touchdowns, I can do a salsa in New York! For me, expressing myself as a Latino is the best thing about being Latino.”

On the Mother’s Day surprise he has planned for mami: “I have a gift I don’t want to put out there just yet, but I am going to make her a nice breakfast. She doesn’t get to have that very often, so I am going to do that and anything she wants after that, she can have – for that one day and that day only! She likes omelets, so I’ll probably make her a western omelet and toast and stuff like that, orange juice. Whatever she wants!”

Favorite meal only mami can make:  “I love rice, beans and pork chops, man. Whenever I would come home from football or basketball practice, that meal would be there, piping hot. You could smell it as you walked through the door. I used to get into the house and tear it up!

What’s attractive about Latinas: “When they carry themselves the right way, commanding presence when they walk into a room. I think most Latinas do that, so it’s about confidence and carrying yourself in a way that will make a man, not just myself, but any man, want to approach you and see what you’re about.”

His guilty pleasure during the off-season: “Junk food! I eat so much junk food during the off season. And I love sour skittles, I’m addicted to them. Once one bag is gone, forget it – I need my fix.”

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