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Money Tips: How to refinance your home

NBCLatino's personal finance reporter Alexandra Campbell gives tips on why and how you should refinance your home. With mortgage rates being so low, this is the … Read More

Summer reading programs for kids

Over the next few weeks, schools across the nation will be letting students out for summer vacation. But for many of those students, summer learning loss will … Read More

Opinion: Ted Cruz will have to pray hard to win TX Senate seat

While Mitt Romney secured the GOP presidential nomination with his win in Texas yesterday, the more interesting story occurred down ticket, where David Dewhurst … Read More

Marco Rubio visits Guantanamo

 Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio visited Guantanamo, Cuba on Tuesday marking the first time the Cuban-American Senator visited the island. He was born to … Read More

Urban baby blog: I am not my daughter’s nanny

My daughter Adi looks like one of those babies you would see in a 1930s print advertisement for oatmeal. She has big rosy cheeks, a tiny button nose, huge eyes, … Read More

Texas polling location shooting leaves man injured

A 55-year-old man holding a campaign sign was shot in San Juan, Texas outside a fire station polling location. Police say “a suspect in a red pickup truck … Read More

Facebook’s Latino co-founder breaks his silence

He was the subject of the central plot in the hit movie, “The Social Network,” about how Mark Zuckerberg sought to dilute his Facebook ownership and has … Read More

Latino Super PAC targets Romney campaign

By now it’s understood that Mitt Romney will have to make inroads with Latino voters if he hopes to capture the presidency. To that end Romney has stepped up … Read More

Dolores Huerta awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today

This afternoon President Barack Obama will be awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award to 13 meritorious individuals at The White House, including … Read More

A veteran risks all to get homes for the homeless

U.S. Army veteran, Joe Leal, was born in rural Harlingen, Texas, to a mother addicted to drugs and spent many of his childhood years homeless. In order to … Read More