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Latina shoppers are the most savvy, says report

Armed with smartphones and coupons, Latinas are getting the best deals in town.

A study by WSL/Strategic Retail says 60 percent of Latinas consult mobile apps before going shopping.

“The ease of use and accessibility as sometimes Hispanic families tend to have an Internet connection only on their smartphones make it the best tool for deal hunting,” says popular blogger and coupon guru, Yoly Mason.

Although 75 percent of Latinas still stick to the old fashioned physical coupon, 53 percent have transitioned to printing downloadable online coupons before leaving the house.

“Hispanic women are definitely [some] of the most savvy shoppers,” Mason says. “We, me included, are always looking for ways that can save us time and money and mobile apps provide this for us.”

Latina shoppers are not only getting prepared for the bargain hunt, 53 percent of Latinas will actively search for sales inside retail stores via apps like Cuponeando.

“I love it. When I don’t have my coupons, it’s my safety,” Mason, the creator of the app, says.

Latina women go the extra mile for savings—literally. With coupons in hand, the report says Latinas will travel farther to scour stores for deals.

After surveying almost 2,000 people, WSL/Strategic Retail found that 43 percent of Latinas go out of their way to buy used name brand items in good condition.

“We are always on the lookout for savings so our kids and family look good in brand name clothing,” Mason says. “I believe the feeling of scoring a deal as well as the possibility to have a better selection when going to a store are reasons as to why Latinas travel further to get a deal.”

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