(Mayte Garcia will be one o several high profile ex-wives featured on the new VH1 reality show, “Hollywood Exes,” which premieres June 27th. Photo/courtesy VH1)

Mayte Garcia dishes the “Chisme” about ex-hubby Prince and new reality show

She’s a belly-dancing, fiery beauty who may be best known as the ex-wife of iconic musician Prince, but Mayte Garcia is using her past as the inspiration for two new reality shows this summer.

First up for Garcia is the spotlight in a new MTV Tr3s show slated to debut this Saturday called “The Chisme Club.” The series stars Garcia alongside a host of entertainment personalities and Latino comedians as they comment on celebrity drama and share juicy gossip.

“’The Chisme Club’ is hilarious because I get to participate in sketches, give my opinion and dish lots of chisme, which let’s face it, all Latinos love to do,” says Garcia. “Every show has themes and I really loved the ‘Papi Chulo’ episode – I can’t wait to see it.”

While Garcia may be turning the tables by dishing the gossip instead of being on the receiving end, her story as Prince’s ex-wife will be the focus of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes,” a new reality show series that follows her as she establishes her life as more than just a famous ex. The show, which premieres on June 25, features Garcia alongside some of the industry’s sexiest exes including Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s ex), Jessica Canseco (linked to star Jose Conseco), Andrea Kelly (once married to singer R. Kelly), and Sherre Fletcher (Will Smith’s ex).

“You can see me filming ‘The Chisme Club’ while I’m on ‘Exes,’ doing my thing and pursuing my career,” says Garcia, who has just released a belly dancing instructional video and plans to release another this year. “People think they know me as a dancer with a sexy persona, but off-stage, I’m just me, totally happy and goofy. That’s my real world and I’m so excited for everyone to see that.”

When Garcia married Prince in 1996 at just 17, she had no idea that her marriage would impact her future career. As a professional belly dancer and singer, she never once thought she’d be living under the shadow of her ex’s fame.

“I’ve been divorced for 12 years, but I’m still known just as Prince’s ex-wife,” says the Puerto Rican artist, who lives with her mother and counts eight dogs, two cats, and five birds as dear pets. “Before I even met him I had a professional career and I continue to work towards that every day. We all have our struggles, but it’s how you move on from a high-profile divorce that matters.”

Garcia, who says she hasn’t told Prince about her role on the two reality shows and hasn’t spoken to him since the divorce, explains that when it comes to the entertainment business, she’s still auditioning for projects that allow her to pursue her passion – dance. She’s in the process of auditioning for a new dance-themed flick starring “Dancing with the Stars” alum William Levy.

“I met him way before he became famous. He’s a real friend and I think if our energies are right, this could be a great film,” says Garcia. “He’s so amazing and so sweet, so I’m crossing my fingers that this happens.”

And could she see the two getting together? While that’s certainly a possibility (and fuel for “The Chisme Club”), Garcia is just having fun and letting loose when it comes to dating.

“Well, we’re almost done filming and you know, I don’t have any excuses to head home early,” says Garcia. “I ‘m a relationship girl but I want it to be organic, when it happens, it happens.”

“I’m loving the freedom of being just me without being associated with my ex. I want to achieve and do what I want to do – and the possibilities that lie ahead are exciting.”

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