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Former Gov. Bill Richardson reacts to Romney’s NALEO speech

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing Mitt Romney’s speech before NALEO was disappointing when it came to his immigration policies and he doesn’t think he was able to court any Latino votes.

“Governor Romney obviously wants to dodge the hot issues that affect Latinos—immigration, education, the DREAM act—and wants to focus on jobs and economic issues,” Richardson explains.

With Romney roping in a projected 25 percent of Latino voters, Richardson points out that Romney changed the style of his delivery but not the substance. Romney stands by his opinions but this may prove detrimental to his campaign.

“He is not for comprehensive immigration that legalizes the 12 million,” Richardson says. “He has refused to take a position on the deportation of the almost 1 million children. “

Richardson says the Republican primary is mostly at fault for these vague stances on prevalent issues. Instead, Richardson says that Romney focuses only tactical issues like the economy.

“He also endorses the Arizona act which basically racially profiles Latinos. I think that Latinos are going to decide this election because you look at states like Colorado, Nevada, Florida, New Mexican, Arizona the Latino vote is key there.”

Governor Bill Richardson and Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio will be discussing this issue this Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

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