Olympics Spotlight – Diana and Steven Lopez, Taekwondo

The Lopez siblings are back and are ready break records during the 2012 London Olympics. Steven Lopez will be competing for his third Olympic gold medal. While 2008 bronze medalist Diana Lopez is looking forward to her first Olympic gold. The duo tells NBC news what it was like to grow up in a competitive household of fighters.


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  2. […] Diana and Steven Lopez: For the first time since taekwondo became an Olympic sport in 2000, the Lopez siblings will be going home without a medal. But the tales of the obstacles they faced make them anything but losers. Steven revealed that he had a broken leg when he fell to his opening round opponent on Friday. His sister lost int he first round and revealed she had a torn meniscus while competing. Two great fighters. […]

  3. […] Diana and Steven Lopez, Taekwondo (Click here) […]

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