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Women, minorities climb the federal workforce ladder

Women and minorities are continuing to make slight gains in their presence in the government workforce. According to the National Journal, minorities made up a total of 34.1 percent in the federal workforce in 2011, and 30 percent in the national workforce.

The percentage of women in the federal workforce remained flat, making up a total of 43.6 percent in 2011. This is a slight decrease from 2009, when women made up 44.2 percent of the total federal workforce. Although some women saw an increase in senior-level federal jobs, most women are still working in the government’s clerical, administrative and technical fields.

However, hiring Hispanics is a challenge for the government. Hispanics made up 8.1 percent of the federal workforce in 2011 compared to 13.6 percent of the national workforce.

According to the report from the Office of Personnel Management, a renewed Hispanic Council on Federal Employment will “develop and will monitor implementation of concrete strategies to better engage the Hispanic community and create a more inclusive atmosphere to retain and develop Hispanic Federal employees once they are onboard.”

In a message attached to the report, Director of Personnel Management John Berry stresses goals of diversity, workplace inclusion and sustainability.

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