Actress Jordana Brewster from the new series “Dallas” on June 12, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Jordana Brewster talks about what she loves about “Dallas”

You might recognize the lean raven-haired beauty, Jordana Brewster, from her more than a decade-long run as Mia on “The Fast and the Furious” movie franchise – the sixth of which is currently in pre-production. Now you can watch her every Wednesday night on TNT’s new “Dallas” series.

“When I read for ‘Dallas,’ I said, ‘Oh, I definitely want to do this,” says Brewster. “TV is such as rich place for women’s roles. Because of the format of TV, you get to follow the characters…If you relate to a character, it’s just so much fun to watch them.”

Brewster says she thinks Cynthia Cidre did a great job in creating strong women characters, and she says she relates to her character, Elena, on “Dallas,” in the way she is very close to her family and very loyal. She says it was the only role she felt she was right for.

“I like that at her core she’s moral and good,” she says. “She’s especially loyal to Bobby and the Ewings, and she wants to prove herself. I could relate to that. I wanted to watch what is going to happen to her. How she’s going to reconcile her morals and her desire for power and money. I wanted to see her journey.”

Brewster, now 32, got her start on television at age 15. She played Anita Santos on “All My Children” in 1995, and was in “The ‘60’s” a few years later, among other roles. She says she enjoys having a recurring role on television.

“I love structure, but it’s pretty hard as an actor,” she says. “What I love about TV is you really do form a family with the people you are working with, and the consistency…”

In order to give herself structure she says she religiously gets up early to meditate and go to the gym. After living in Los Angeles for nearly 10 years, she considers it home for its laid back lifestyle which matches her personality.

“When I was in Brazil, I felt out-of-place,” says Brewster, who felt very American. “When I was in New York, I felt Brazilian. The kids at school thought I was a bit off. I always felt like a fish out of water.”

Now she realizes that home is where your family is, and Los Angeles is where her husband and two dogs are.

Growing up in Brazil,  Brewster was raised on novelas, so she says drama was instilled in her at a young age.

“It’s funny, because I’m Brazilian and I’m playing a Mexican character, and Julie [Gonzalo] is from Argentina, and she’s playing the American character, and she’s the one who speaks Spanish,” she laughs.

Brewster says her all-time favorite role she’s played in her long already long history of acting has to be Mia.

“Her evolution has been really fun,” says Brewster. “…Mia has a voice. She’s protecting her family. She’s grown so much…It’s been very fun to play.”

“The Fast and the Furious 6” is expected to premiere in theaters sometime in 2013, but for now she’s having a blast with her new TV family.

“In a film, you know immediately the beginning, middle, and end,” says Brewster. “In season two [of ‘Dallas’], I have no idea what’s going to happen, and I’m a little bit scared. I still don’t know, but that’s what makes it fun.”


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