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Latina singer sues FBI based on “jealousy,” says lawsuit

Nothing brings on jealousy like an FBI-worker-slash-Latina-musician.

Former New Mexico FBI administrative specialist Erika Bonilla is suing the Department of Justice for harassment and discrimination, stating she was retaliated against because she is an attractive Hispanic female with a career in Latin music, according to the suit.

The law suit, filed on June 18, states fellow employees would “not train Bonilla or work with her in a non-hostile manner, and they also spread malicious gossip in the office that she only obtained her position because of appearance.” Other rumors included Bonilla having sexual relations with executive management for a promotion, and even harsher allegations were that Bonilla was “stealing and embezzling funds from the FBI Recreation Association.”

The suit states these allegations false.

“Ms. Bonilla’s complaint is not simply about jealous co-workers, it is about the harassment and retaliation she claims that she was subjected to while employed at the Albuquerque FBI office,” says Monnica L. Garcia, Bonilla’s attorney. “According to Ms. Bonilla, management discouraged her from filing an internal complaint, and when she filed one, they retaliated against her,” she adds.

Charles Miller, Public Affairs Specialist for the U.S. Department of Justice offered no comment on the case.

Bonilla is a professional music artist who has released an album and has signed a recording contract for a second album.

Bonilla was initially never written up for any of the frivolous complaints and had positive evaluations.

During an investigation started due to complaints on Bonilla’s time management and attendance, Bonilla was required to “document every minute of her day for over a year in order to avoid a ten-day suspension, despite the fact that she was never before required to do so by her supervisor, and it was a nearly impossible feat,” according to the suit.

“This lawsuit was brought because the agency failed to address the hostile work environment and Ms. Bonilla hopes this lawsuit will compensate her for her damages and prevent future acts of discrimination and retaliation,” says Garcia.

Bonilla has since transferred to another office in California, where she has received good ratings and won an award, the suit states.

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