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Opinion: Health care ruling is just common sense

The biggest loser in today's decision over Obamacare was the Tea Party.  They were born because of the health care debate and it was that momentum that helped … Read More

Furious Twitter reaction as Supreme Court upholds health care law

Like the rapid fire scrawl of green-code in The Matrix, Twitter was abuzz with (sometimes erroneous) reaction to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the … Read More

Chef Spotlight: Sue Torres

Vitals: Born in Long Island New York; the middle of three children; mother is Italian and owned a chocolate store when Torres was growing up; father is a Puerto … Read More

ACLU files suit against Puerto Rico police

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico's police department was hit with a federal lawsuit on Wednesday as the American Civil Liberties Union accused officers … Read More

Latinos have most to gain with Supreme Court health care ruling

In one of the most closely watched Supreme Court decisions, the Justices ruled the Obama administration can proceed with its landmark health care legislation. … Read More

Judge refuses to block Florida’s voter purge

A judge on Wednesday rejected a request by federal authorities to block Florida’s contentious move to remove potentially ineligible voters from its … Read More

Rangel’s margin of victory over Espaillat narrows

NEW YORK — New York Congressman Charles Rangel's margin of victory in Tuesday's Democratic primary has narrowed as election officials complete the … Read More

Money Tips: How to live on a budget

NBCLatino's personal finance reporter, Alexandra Campbell, gives tips on how to start and mantain a budget by separating necessities from "extras." … Read More

Jordana Brewster talks about what she loves about “Dallas”

You might recognize the lean raven-haired beauty, Jordana Brewster, from her more than a decade-long run as Mia on “The Fast and the Furious” movie franchise - … Read More

Opinion: Why I became a WAHM: work at home mother

Until recently, I lived in the Washington D.C. area for over a decade and was an award-winning public relations executive for the federal government under the … Read More