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10 fun and safe activities for kids on 4th of July

On Fourth of July families are known to have barbecues in the day and to watch fireworks at night. But, fireworks can often be dangerous for children. Here are some safe and fun 4th of July activities for parents and their kids:

1. Balloon Fireworks

Have a safe firework show inside you home.

Fill up balloons with confetti and pop the balloons for a loud and sparkly explosion.

2. 4th of July Stars

Grab some construction paper, glitter and glue and decorate stars.

3. Independence Day Piñata

Buy star or flag piñata and fill it with confetti and treats.

4. Fourth of July puppet show on America’s History (Both fun and educational)

Build a small stage in your backyard and grab puppets, put on a show and teach your kids some history.

5. Movie night

Grab a blanket and some popcorn and enjoy a movie such as “This is America, Charlie Brown.”

6. July 4 Glow Stick Pictures in the dark

Buy red white and blue glow sticks and bring a camera outside.

Move the glow sticks quickly to make a shape and snap some pictures.

7. Camp under the stars in your backyard

What a wonderful excuse to go camping in your backyard. Bring a tent, a sleeping bag and a flashlight and tell ghost stories with your kids.

8. Water balloon fight

It is summer and very hot out. Buy some red, white and blue balloons and have a huge water balloon fight with your kids.

 9. Cookies and Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Bake sugar cookies and confetti cupcakes and decorate with red, white and blue sprinkles.

Buy Vanilla ice cream and top with red and blue starred sprinkles.

10.  Here is an arts  and crafts  suggestion from our friend “ModernMami.com” : Independence Day Banners

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