Sherlly Ontiveros is a blogger who creatively cooks up the authentic dishes of her childhood with a refined, classic twist. Pictured here: Colombian Coffee Merengues (Photo/courtesy Sherlly Ontiveros)

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Who’s blogging: I’m Sherlly Ontiveros, the girl behind Ecualombian. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Currently residing in Queens, New York. In Manhattan, I graduated in Culinary Arts and Food Blogging from The French Culinary Institute now known as the International Culinary Center. But, I don’t work in the industry. I work for my father’s jewelry production company and on my spare time. I love to cook and blog.

Explain your blog name: My mother is from Ecuador and my father is from Colombia. My background is fulfilled with Ecuadorian and Colombian traditions and it was something I wanted to share with the world, so it was simple… Ecualombian.

Blogging since: November 2010. I had a random account in 2009 but that didn’t work out. When I started Food Blogging classes, that’s when my blogging got serious.

Blogging from: At home in Queens, New York.

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Half Ecuadorian and half Colombian, blogger Sherlly Ontiveros writes, develops recipes and shoots photos  from her home in Queens, New York. (Photo/courtesy Sherlly Ontiveros)

Most popular post: I have a few like my Savory Carrot Souffles, Grandma’s Colombian Arepas, and Mother’s Fried Green Plantain Dumplings known as Bolon. The traditional family passed down recipes are usually everyone’s favorite.

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: I learned that in certain cuisines food is medicine and a big part of every countries culture. Food is the what brings everybody together in the world. It gives you happiness and comfort. And what I can teach through my blog is that you can try Ecualombian food whenever you want!

Where do you get inspiration for your posts? I get inspiration from my the way my parents have shared their passion for cooking, as well as the fun of experimenting with new flavors and the simple joy of cooking.

What have you learned from blogging? I learned how to share my writing in front of the internet world. I never used to be fond of writing and never showed my writing to anybody but my English teachers. Also, to take pictures and how to get the lighting right for each dish (which I’m still learning) and styling it. I also learned almost everything about WordPress and how all this domain stuff works. It’s really interesting and fun when you got it all down. But every time I work on a blog post I’m learning something new.

Where else can we find you online? My arepas were featured on NBC Latino and you can also find me on Gojee, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and soon on The Latin Kitchen .

What are your favorite food blogs? Many, like Laylita’s Recipes, Aunt Clara’s Kitchen, Hungry Sofia, My Colombian Recipes, T’s Tasty Bits, Sabores de Canela, and A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa.

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