NBC Latino Congratulates: Emily Mujica

At 17-years-old, Emily Mujica plans to show this summer that Mariachi is not only performed by men.  With the all-Latina mariachi group Las Coronelas, Emily will serenade hundreds of groups of people  at various charity events throughout Texas.

“We like to make events lively,” Emily says. “We have done cancer awareness events and pride to lift people’s spirits. We have more events in the future.”

As the youngest member of Las Coronelas, Emily stands out with her powerful, mature vocals and violin finesse. Her ambition stems from her passion for mariachi and desire to spread cheer with it; she does not focus on publicity.  Her music director Vanessa Del Fierro thinks that Emily is a good role model for her fellow high school students.

“What is astounding about her work ethic is that anything that is asked of her she will complete without hesitation and quickly with energy,” Del Fierro says. “She is a very respectful young girl and takes her role in Coronelas very seriously. I see so much desire and determination to learn and grow.”

Although Emily has only been a member of the group for a year, she hopes to attend a festival in Vancouver.

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Emily beaming as she takes the spotlight in a performance. (Photo Credit/ Joe Mujica)

Name: Emily Mujica
Age: 17, incoming Senior
School: Southwest High School
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Favorite activities: Well, I am currently doing soccer and mariachi. Mariachi is like a full time thing with me since I am in two groups. Soccer is more of a hobby. I can play fullback left or right and sweeper. I have been playing for about five years.

I’m passionate about…  Mariachi. The music is so moving. The stories the songs tells are so inspiring and amazing. They all have such nice meanings. I guess my favorite songs are the empowering ones that tell a guy off and say “I’m better off without you. I was so wrong to fall in love with you!”  Even though I’m young and I haven’t had the best luck with guys it has an impact. They make me feel better. It’s cathartic singing those songs!

What my summer has in store: Mariachi, again! I frequently play at the Taqueria Mexico, which is a restaurant on the south side of San Antonio. We just did an event for Gay Pride at the Pride Fest. It was a fantastic experience. Soon we are going to play at an event called The American Hero 25K Relay. There are definitely more charity events in store for us.

My inspiration: I would have to say my parents. My mother has thrown me out there musically and she has never let me down. She has always been there for me. She has taken me to gigs and she is such a great motivator. My father is also a role model. He is from Mexico so he helps with pronunciation. I was born here so I don’t speak Spanish fluently, so he always helps with that. He believes in me a lot. My music director, Vanessa Del Fierro, inspires me as well. We have come a long way. I see myself being like her when I grow up. She is successful, beautiful and has done so much for the group.

Short-term plan: Right now I am looking to be a leader of my high school group and help the younger students in our varsity group. I am in Las Coronelas and a group in my high school. My whole life is Mariachi and I want to get more people to love it like I do.

In 10 years, I see myself… I see myself finishing up medical school. I want to be a pediatrician. I like kids. They’re just so fun, outgoing, and without a care in the world. I know it’s hard to tell what’s wrong with babies but I want to help them so they can grow up healthy in homes. I want to make families healthier.

Watch Las Coronelas perform on their YouTube page and Emily solo with her high school group here.

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