George Zimmerman, left, and attorney Don West appear before Circuit Judge Kenneth R. Lester, Jr. during a bond hearing at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center in Sanford, Fla. (AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Joe Burbank, Pool, File)

George Zimmerman: This could’ve all been avoided if I had a proper Latino name

George Zimmerman isn’t exactly doing himself any favors.

The man who claims he killed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in self-defense, sparking a national uproar, is facing allegations that he molested a close family relative when she was a child, according to TheGrio. Now a statement he made is sure to undergo scrutiny by the prosecution as well.

“I think that honestly all of this could’ve been avoided if my parents would’ve given me a proper Hispanic/Latino name,” Zimmerman says to a family member on a jailhouse phone, according to transcripts released on Monday.

Zimmerman then says a name like “Jorge” rather than George, would have helped him out.

“But you have the most American name in the world,” the female tells him.

Then he adds sarcastically that his family “should’ve named me George Herbert Walker,” alluding to former president George H.W. Bush.

Zimmerman also takes issue with a media description of him as a “white Hispanic.”

“Honestly, they’re gonna give me a complex,” he says. “Every time I see my photo I say, ‘What’s a white Hispanic?’”

Zimmerman’s problems will only intensify after the revelation that he molested a family member, known as “witness 9.”

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  1. Yuma Dayz says:

    “A verdict has NOT been decided in this case so everyone should lay off this area of deciding who is guilty of what. Fact is, the media (whoever it’s run by) decided this was a racist incident right off the bat because a person who was not Black killed a person who was Black. Zimmerman’s mother is Peruvian from South America and his father is White. He is not Mexican, but the majority of the public seems to think because he has a brownish tint to his skin, we’ll call him Mexican, or Hispanic. What do you call him, South American-American? Peruvian-American? Certainly NOT Mexican-American. WHY THE CONSTANT RACIST REMARKS! Killings occur in EVERY race and creed. Certain groups of people out there do not want racism to die, but stir up the embers and keep it very much alive and fired up. That’s another tragedy in this case.”

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