Sebastien De la Cruz with host Nick Cannon in America’s Got Talent quarterfinals. (Courtesy / America’s Got Talent)

Ten-year old hopes to win “America’s Got Talent” to help his brother with hearing problem

El Charro De Oro, Sebastien De la Cruz, at only 10-years-old, wowed the American audience and the “America’s Got Talent” judges once again.

The young boy started to cry as he told the judges that he feels one step closer to helping his brother. De la Cruz told My San Antonio that his younger brother was born with a hearing problem and if he won the money he would help his family pay for his brothers surgery.

“I think you are more than one step closer to helping your brother, I think you just ran to the finish line,” responded Howie Mandel.

After a long wait and many other performers,  De la Cruz  performed  a rendition of “Besame Mucho” last night accompanied by his mariachi band.

The young mariachi finished off his performance by holding up a red rose and tossing it to Sharon Osborne.

“What can I say, I mean I honestly don’t know much about Mariachi music but I love what you all do,” said Osborne. “You have such passion when you sing and your voice is really great,” she added.

Osborne has been rooting for the young Charro since the beginning and he dedicated his song to her last night.

“Mr. Osborne this song was dedicated to your love,” said De La Cruz.

After confessing that he was not really fond of Mariachi music before, Howard Stern expressed how much he enjoyed De la Cruz’s singing.

“You’re a terrific kid and wise beyond your years,” said Stern. “I love it and I love you.”

In his Austin auditions De La Cruz confessed that he did not have a girlfriend because he wanted to focus on his music but last night he poured his heart out in the romantic ballad.

“When I have a girlfriend I’m gonna serenade to her,” said De la Cruz last night.

The young mariachi took to his Twitter and Facebook page to update his fans about his performance.

The judges said that America had a tough decision to make because this week there were many talented performers to choose from.

Among them was judge favorite Mexican-American sand-story artist Joe Castillo. He created a 90 second story about wildlife and the environment all with sand.

“I don’t know of another human being on earth that can sculpt in the sand and move me the way you do,” said Stern.

Sebastian De La Cruz and Joe Castillo will compete tonight for the four spots available in the semifinals.

Watch El Charro de Oro tonight at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.


  1. Sebastien did a great job

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