U.S Olympic Weightlifter Sarah Robles wearing Jill Alexander designs. (Michelle Alexandra)

U.S Olympic weightlifter Sarah Robles finds her right fit

U.S Olympian weightlifter Sarah Robles is one of the strongest women in the world but she says that her biggest challenge is finding clothes that fit her body type and her style.

“I never really get the opportunity to dress nicely,” Robles told PEOPLE. “I’m in gym clothes 90 percent of the time,” she added.

Robles stands at 5 ft. 10 inches and weighs 275  lbs , with an athletic built. Even though Robles does spend most of her time with sweat pants and t-shirts in the gym, she says that she is often disappointed when she cannot find other clothes that fit her body type.

“I try not to settle,” she said. “I mostly just won’t wear it. When I do, I’m not comfortable and I want to get out of it as soon as possible.”

U.S Olympic weightlifter Sarah Robles finds her right fit  img 9093 e1343308913985 people NBC Latino News

Sarah Robles wearing Jill Alexander designs. (Michelle Alexandra)

Fashion designer Jill Alexander heard about Robles’ dilemma and met up with the Olympian to give her a collection of clothing. She gave the athlete dresses, skirts, and tops to take with her to London.

“She’s the perfect role model,” Alexander told PEOPLE. “She’s one of the top athletes in the world. She’s not unhealthy, she’s not lazy, but she has trouble finding clothes that fit well. She’s empowering women to speak out and say, ‘I deserve better from the fashion industry.’”

Alexander, based in Santa Cruz, California, designs clothes for curvy woman sizes 12 and over.

Robles is said to be very happy with her new outfits because they are comfortable and make her feel like a woman. “I packed one of her yellow wrap [dresses] with fun dots and squares on it, along with a taupe lacey top,” said Robles. “They make me feel gorgeous, confident and flirty.”

NBCLatino spoke to the weightlifter in May about her tough times, relationship with her mother Joy Robles and her thoughts while competing.

“We’re thankful we have the gift and we are thankful that we can use the gift to help get my mom to London, so she can share in my dreams,” says Robles about her sponsor gift from Procter &Gamble.


  1. Greg in CA says:

    While I don’t doubt she’s strong, at 5’10” and 275 lbs, I have doubts as to her “athletic” appearance or body-type.

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