Tea Party favorite Republican Ted Cruz is leading his challenger, Lt. Gov David Dewhurst, in the Texas runoff Senate election. (Photo/AP Images )

Tea Party Texan Ted Cruz is favored to win Republican runoff election

Texan Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, who is challenging Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst for a Republican Senate seat, could very well win the runoff election, according to the latest polls. Cruz is benefiting from an all-out endorsement of Tea Party stars, including Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, and Rand Paul.

Cuban-American Ted Cruz has not held elected office and is 42 years old. His rival, David Dewhurst, 66, was expected to easily win the runoff election following Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s retirement from the Senate. Dewhurst was Governor Rick Perry’s pick and had the support of establishment Republicans in the state.

Yet Cruz, a constitutional lawyer, benefits from an enthusiastic, conservative base, and has received the endorsement of national conservative organizations such as the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks. The latest Public Policy Polling numbers show Cruz leading Dewhurst  52 to 42.

The election takes place tomorrow.

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