The Latino Mastermind Behind Marvel Comics

After The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, generated over $1.5 billion dollars at the box office this year, you can bet America has an all-time high superhero fever.

“Superheroes are you. They have problems like you do — maybe their problems are a little bigger in scope but they have problems like you,” says Axel Alonso, editor-in chief of Marvel Comics.

But that fascination with comic book villains and heroes can also take a turn for the tragic, as seen in the recent Colorado shootings.  Alonso contends that comic books and super hero movies are not to blame.

“A crazy person is going to pull from anything they see in front of them. And I think it’s irresponsible to point fingers at the comic book industry for anything that happens there. I think that the media does a lot to influence culture even by shining a spotlight on this guy and making him more than what he is, which is just a crazy guy,” explains Alonso.

As editor-in-chief, Alonso is responsible for caretaking these iconic figures. He says his Mexican American heritage allows him to relate to readers as well as the characters.

“I have always related to characters that are a little bit on the margins. Not that I feel misunderstood or that I don’t fit in, but I’ve never felt like I am one of the popular people, one of the core group.”

Alonso’s stewardship comes at a time when the print industry is in a sales decline, and digital numbers are a growing market.

“I do believe that print will survive. I think that print and digital will compliment one another. We’ve seen a spike on digital sales unlike anything we could have predicted. That is a good indicator on how we can reach new readers. Digital is the new newsstand,” says Alonso.

Whatever the future may hold, one thing is for sure; America’s superhero crush is here to stay.

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