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Julián Castro to be first Latino keynote speaker at Democratic National Convention

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will be the first Latino to give a keynote speech at a Democratic National Convention.  Castro will speak at the opening night … Read More

Celia All Stars ready to channel Celia Cruz at Festival Cubano

This month marks the ninth-year anniversary of the passing of multi-Grammy winning salsa legend, Celia Cruz. Some might not know she had multiple platinum and … Read More

Doctors prescribe fruits and vegetables – literally – to encourage healthy eating

Eighteen year-old Janet Lopez, a mother of two, says her eating habits are pretty typical for a lot of people in her Columbia Heights neighborhood. She says … Read More

An acclaimed Latino author’s unflinching look at the American West

It can be a harsh landscape; reaching triple-digit temperatures during the day and dropping within hours with the first streaks of pink sunset, a border desert … Read More

Texan Ted Cruz makes last-minute appeal to conservative base

SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- The two Republicans vying for the U.S. Senate nomination in Texas spent the final hours of their white-hot runoff race rallying their bases … Read More

Latino preschool kids the focus of $1.2 million grant for UC Santa Barbara health project

Professor Laura Romo believes many low-income Latino children are at a significant educational disadvantage, something she learned firsthand -- not from her … Read More

Telemundo Latin America News Roundup – July 30, 2012

The latest news from Latin America in 59 seconds. In Mexico, a group of gunmen attacked the offices of the newspaper Reforma where four people were working … Read More

Opinion: When Colorado tragedy becomes “all about me”

CHICAGO -- Thank goodness the London Olympics have taken over our nation's mosquito-like attention span, because as of late last week, I had reached my limit … Read More

Ricky Martin to star in new NBC show

It’s true: Ricky Martin will be shaking his bon-bon in his very own television series. NBC Universal Television has signed a deal with the multi-platinum … Read More

“Motorcycle Diaries” screenwriter to write new Aztec drama for Showtime

The story of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés and his bloody war against Moctezuma II, the last Aztec ruler in Mexico, is coming to the small screen in a big … Read More