Chayanne, Marc Anthony and Marco Antonio Solis at the “Gigant3s” Press Announcement. (Courtesy / Cardenas Marketing Network / Arnold Turner 4 CMN)

Three Gigantes -Marco Antonio Solis, Marc Anthony and Chayanne -kick off their tour

Marco Antonio Solis, Chayanne and Marc Anthony are some of the biggest Latino award-winning names in music and soon they will come together to begin a historic tour with a fresh new taste.

The trio has been rehearsing all week in Miami to kick-off their much anticipated “Gigant3s” tour tonight at the American Airlines Arena.

“All of our music; Marco’s, Marc’s and mine is representative of not only Miami, but of all Latinos,” Chayanne said to VOXXI. “I think the anticipation factor not only from our perspective, but from the fan’s perspective makes this tour an extremely unique one.”

The hit-makers will offer duets and other surprises to their many fans. Each fan base is used to each artist’s sound, but the three hope to bring a unique musical experience to the people.

“My fans may not be as familiar with Chayanne or Marco’s music,” Anthony said to the Sun Sentinel. “This is a very unique musical exchange, where for three hours; they get to hear something new.”

Each artist has their distinct sound and genre of music. Marc Anthony is the Salsa king while Chayanne and Solis, known as “El Buki” bring different Latin pop sounds.

“This is a tour of people who love music,” Chayanne said. “Everyone has their own style of music and a career, so joining together those energies will be wonderful.”

The three men have all been longtime friends, having recorded duets, but this is the first time they are all going to be on tour together.

On Wednesday, Nuyorican singer Marc Anthony showed his fans some dance moves at a promotional event and joked about El Buki’s dance moves.

Marketing company Cardenas Marketing Network’s (CMN) CEO, Henry Cardenas, says the show plans to attract Latin music fans of all ages. The 20, 000 seat area in Miami is almost close to selling out.

“You have three unbelievably talented singers with a storied history in this industry,” Cardenas said. “More than looking at it as a risky business decision, I view it as a historical event in that we’re giving a diverse audience a chance to see not one, but three superstars.”

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