12-year-old dying of cancer inspires the world on YouTube

Talia Joy Castellano, turns 13 next week, and she tells the world via YouTube she’ll be celebrating. The young girl who has been battling cancer for more than five years, looks dainty and fragile, but her big brown eyes and demeanor are strong and optimistic as she tells her fans not to worry.In 2007, Castellano was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer, a tumor that develops from nerve tissue, and on her latest vlog this week, she says she is now simultaneously battling pre-leukemia in her bone marrow. Instead of feeling down and unattractive since she’s lost her hair due to chemotherapy, she’s learned to make herself and others feel beautiful by filming her own makeup tips on YouTube.

Her positive messages have gotten her more than 200,000 viewers, whom she claims to love – almost like another family.“I really really really love love doing YouTube,” says Castellano. “Just don’t freak out….”She says the doctors have given her the option of getting a bone marrow transplant, but having undergone so many painful treatments in the past five years, and because the chances for being cured are still so slim, she says that she has pretty much decided to enjoy the rest of her time instead. Without the transplant, she says she has from four months to a year to live.

“Nothing’s for sure,” says the girl who seems more worried about her fans’ feelings. “It’s not like it’s going to happen tomorrow…I love you guys sooo much!”

She’s certainly inspired her thousands of virtual fans.

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I have absolutely nothing on Talia Joy Castellano. She is THE #cancerwarrioress http://shine.yahoo.com/beauty/12-old-8217-heart-breaking-life-affirming-videos-170800971.html …

Spent day obsessing/depressed abt hair. till i saw this.Talia Joy Castellano Fighting 2 Forms Of Cancer Makeup Tutorial http://bossip.com/625010/someone-we-like-talia-joy-castellano-fighting-2-forms-of-cancer-makeup-tutorial-because-i-dont-like-wearing-wigs-video6969/#.UCPkHvaN_0k.twitter …

This incredible 12-year-old cancer patient teaches life lessons in her makeup tutorial: http://styleite.com/ibuwm  –Everyone needs to watch this

Watch all of her YouTube videos on her channel Make-upisMYwig.

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