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Teen shot in the head with spear meets woman who saved him

Sixteen-year-old Yasser Lopez was overcome with tears when he was reunited with the woman whose quick thinking may have saved his life.

Lopez was accidentally shot in the head with a spear by a friend in June. Doctors said that if he had pulled the spear out, he would have died.

But thanks to Astrid Cardoza – a complete stranger – that didn’t happen.

“I just hold his hand and I say you can’t (pull the spear out). And he told me ‘please don’t let me die,’” she told TODAY. “And I said you don’t going to die.”

Lopez was spear fishing with a friend, using a 3-foot powered spear gun, when somehow the gun went off, piercing Lopez in the head. His fishing buddy called 911.

“A spear gun just went through my friend’s head,” he said, before telling authorities that they were on a lake and urging them to come help.

Lopez was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center in Miami – still conscious, and talking. He says now that he recalls some of the episode.

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