A new viral parody video is taking aim at the policy of “self-deporation” which has made it into the platform for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. (Screenshot)

Republicans inclusion of “self-deportation” in GOP platform leads to parody do-it-yourself video

The inclusion of stringent immigration policies in the GOP platform for the Republican National Convention, spearheaded by Kris Kobach, who many immigration groups vilify, also includes self-deporation, a term used by Mitt Romney during the primary season.

Romney never used the term again, but now that it has made its way into the party’s platform, a new parody video on Funny or Die is gaining steam by showing how the policy might work.

The video opens with “Arizona Governor Jan Brewer” who explains a new Self-Deportation Station — an over-sized box large enough to fit a person, along with stereotypical items meant to invoke Mexican culture.

“There’s a lot of offensive stuff in here,” the man who was gardening says. “But I’m oddly drawn to it.”

Latino Rebels, an influential humor and culture site posted the video, calling it hilarious and saying it “nails it.”

The video also features a cameo from Mexican-American comedian, George Lopez.

We won’t spoil the rest of the video, but with more than 40,000 views already, it’s clear that many are turning to comedy to help explain a policy which leaves a lot of people scratching their heads.

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Self Deportation Station with Mary Steenburgen & George Lopez from Mary Steenburgen
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