Latina mom who died trying to save crash victims honored

She saw a chaotic accident scene in front of her eyes. An overturned car, water spewing from a hydrant and a power line down. But rather than think about her safety, she ran towards the car to see if she could help.

Irma Zamora, of Burbank, California, was electrocuted and died because of her selfless actions, but she is being remembered as so much more.

“The fact that my mom died being a hero, I am just so proud of her,” said her son, David Aguilar, 21.

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Such selfless action was typical of Zamora, her sister Ana Aviles said. “She always helped people. She didn’t measure the consequences. She was trying to save a life.”

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa hailed Zamora and others as heroes. “They did what good Samaritans have done in this community many times,” he said.

He also urged the public to take precautions when coming upon an accident scene. “We don’t want anyone hurt in the process,” he said.

Firefighters, who say Zamora died instantly because of 48,000 volts of electricity, offered unprecedented grief counseling to the community in North Hollywood, which is dealing with the trauma and loss.

“I feel like everyone is giving back to what she gave to everybody,” her husband and stepfather to Aguilar, Andre Woloszyn, said.

“She’s a hero to a lot of people, she’s a hero to me because a split-second difference — she saved my life too.”

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