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Texas drunk driving campaign turns heads

Flashing lights and loud music attracted the attention of students at the University of Texas-Pan American campus Wednesday. In the middle of the quad … Read More

RNC: Rubio and Romney promise economic prosperity, criticize Obama

On the last night of the Republican convention, it fell to Cuban Senator Marco Rubio and presidential nominee Mitt Romney to make the two final speeches … Read More

Cheech Marin talks about “Born in East L.A.,” 25 years later

The cult classic film, “Born in East L.A.,” written, directed, and starring Cheech Marin, turned 25 this month. The film is considered groundbreaking for its … Read More

“Mexican Mitt” parody twitter account suspended before Romney’s RNC speech

'Mexican Mitt,' a parody twitter account that has been railing against Mitt Romney since the primaries and pokes fun at Romney's on-again, off-again … Read More

Telemundo Latin America news roundup – August 30, 2012

The latest Latin American news in under 59 seconds. Hurricane season continues, this time threatening the Mexican Peninsula of Baja California with strong … Read More

Architect of SB1070 soundly defeated in Arizona Republican primary

Last year Russell Pearce, the architect of Arizona's SB1070 polarizing immigration law, was the most powerful man in the Arizona State Senate. What a … Read More

Opinion: Lackluster media coverage of Susana Martinez RNC speech, exposes uncomfortable realities

All of a sudden every Republican is an immigrant or descendant of immigrants. Paul Ryan has been invoking his Irish roots on the stump. Susana Martinez, that … Read More

In new video, Evelyn Lozada confesses: “I haven’t spoken to Chad”

Evelyn Lozada made a name for herself on reality television by being outspoken and chatty, but in a new video, she tells TMZ that she hasn't said a word to her … Read More

Growing Latino electorate changing policitians’ strategies

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — One way to think about this year's election is as a contest between the impact of a sour economy (advantage Romney) and the power of the … Read More

Opinion: The RNC’s immigrant tease

The opening night of the Republican National Convention saw some vigorous waving of the immigrant flag. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley started off her … Read More