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Miami-based Venezuelans to vote in New Orleans to stop Chavez

MIAMI (AP) — By bus and car, commercial flight and charter, U.S.-based Venezuelans are traveling en masse to New Orleans in the coming days, spending hundreds … Read More

Voting rights act, affirmative action and gay marriage all in focus as Supreme Court heads back to work

WASHINGTON (AP) — When last we saw the chief justice of the United States on the bench, John Roberts was joining with the Supreme Court's liberals in an … Read More

Opinion: Latin-American born artists shine brighter than U.S. Latinos

CHICAGO -- A few years ago, I noticed that Latin American artists get a lot of play in the states compared to U.S.-born Hispanic ones. For instance, in 2010, … Read More

Eva Longoria plays ‘Words with Friends’ to help Latinas

Eva Longoria has found a way to put your "Words with Friends" addiction to good use. She and an all-star list of celebrities -- including Kristen Bell and Jonah … Read More

Undocumented immigrants in same-sex couples eligible for immigration relief program

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Department of Homeland Security is planning to issue a policy memo stating that undocumented immigrants with American same-sex partners … Read More

A Latina’s official translation of the U.S. national anthem, rediscovered decades later

On Saturday at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., the Latino chorus Cantigas will proudly perform a very special rendition of the Star … Read More

Education Nation: A library’s salute to the arts

MSNBC's Chris Hayes and NBC4's Darlene Rodriguez continued the conversation with an evening hosted at the Bronx Library Center.  The event focused on the … Read More

Obama up in New Hampshire, but polls tight in Nevada, North Carolina

The latest in the NBC News/WSJ/Marist polls show President Obama up comfortably in New Hampshire but leading within the margin of error in North Carolina and in … Read More

Op-Ed: One mom’s hope to get Latino youth involved in the voting process

Are today’s youth truly disengaged from the voting process? In light of statistics showing that one-third of all youth eligible to vote in 2012 will have turned … Read More

Governor Fortuño Talks Puerto Rican Statehood

Puerto Rico's Governor Luis Fortuño sat down with NBC News to discuss Puerto Rico's future, including his hope for U.S. statehood. Fortuño told NBC about his … Read More