And the winner of the Big Tex Taste Choice Awards is deep-fried…

The annual Big Tex Taste Choice Awards is one of the most anticipated events each year ahead of the Texas State Fair.

More than 50 people submitted their fried specialties this year.

Eight were selected for the final round of judging.

Among the finalists were the “Picnic on a Stick”, the “Fried Mexican Fire Crackers” and the “Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll”.

This year’s winner, however, came from five-time winner Abel Gonzalez.

His prize creation this year?

Deep fried jambalaya made from shrimp, Cajun sausage and seasoning, then fried to golden perfection.

“It’s trial and error,” Gonzalez said. “A lot of bad jambalaya was eaten before good jambalaya.”

It’s no easy task coming up with new and exciting fried foods, Gonzalez says.

Even so, there will be new additions to the fair this year, including fried cotton candy, fried chicken and waffles, and for the purists, fried sugar cubes.

The Texas State Fair kicks off later this month.

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