Bettina Inclan, is the director of Hispanic outreach for the RNC, and according to a new ad, a frustrated former Obama supporter. (Youtube)

Latina in RNC’s “breaking up” with Obama ad is GOP staffer

Bettina Inclan holds an important position as the  Republican National Committee Director of Hispanic Outreach. But a new ad also casts her as something else — a former Obama supporter so frustrated with the president, that she is breaking up with him.

“Listen, this just isn’t working,” Inclan says, as romantic piano music plays softly in the background. “It’s been four years — you’ve changed.”

While Inclan is talking to a cardboard cutout of President Obama in the video, some find it curious that she could be a former Obama supporter while having worked in Republican politics well before 2008. She did Hispanic outreach for Rick Scott’s 2010 Florida gubernatorial race and worked  for Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) and as national executive director of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, according to Talking Points Memo.

“It’s a lighthearted ad to show how millions of Americans feel about President Obama — he’s not the person we thought he was and it’s time to break up with him,” an RNC official said. “But let’s be clear, it is an ad.”

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Inclan says Obama’s spending is out of control, he’s constantly on the golf course and is always hanging out with celebrities. The RNC ends the ad asking viewers to tell them why they’re done with the president at

Previously, Inclan was caught in the middle of an uncomfortable moment towards the end of the primaries in May when she committed a gaffe discussing Mitt Romney’s immigration policy. 

“He’s still deciding what his position on immigration is,” she said. “I can’t talk about what his proposal is going to be. I can’t talk about something I don’t know.”

Viewers interested in sharing their story with the RNC should be careful when pulling up the URL. If you accidentally go to it takes you to the president’s website instead, which blares at the top that Romney/Ryan are the Go-Back Team rather than America’s Comeback Team.

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