8-year-old saves father by calling 911

Daniella Soto is being called a hero after she helped save her father’s life.

The 8-year-old Lewisville, Texas girl made a 911 call that would ultimately keep her dad alive.

“What was happening to my dad was pretty bad to me, so I knew that I had to call,” Daniella said.

Daniel was having a heart attack when Daniella made the call.

She told the 911 dispatcher what was happening and where her family lives so they could send paramedics to her home.

Daniella translated the conversation between her parents, who do not speak English, and the English-speaking dispatcher.

“I knew that I had to do it. I didn’t want to be shy because my dad is pretty important to me, so I wanted it to be good,” Daniella said.

The Denco Area 911 District recognized Daniella as a hero on Tuesday.

They gave her a medal and certificate in front of her classmates at Lewisville Elementary School.

It was a thank you for helping them save her dad.

“I feel really really happy that my dad is still with me and that he can now teach me to play soccer, because without him, I never could,” Daniella said.

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