VP Biden: Latinos “most powerful force in American politics”

Many have been saying this is the “year of the Latino voter,”  as evidenced by the attention both parties are devoting to courting the Hispanic vote. Vice President Joe Biden went straight to the chase last night.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to become, and already have, the most powerful force in American politics,” said the Vice President at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 35th anniversary gala last night.

“The contribution of the Hispanic community has been incredible, but you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Biden said.

The Vice President also took the opportunity to praise President Obama‘s deferred action for Dreamers, and promised to continue pushing for immigration reform.  “We will not rest in this administration until we find a permanent path out of the shadows for those who spent their lives living in fear, a path to citizenship,” the Vice President said.

Biden also spoke of the importance of fostering the kind of work the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute does around scholarships and academic opportunities for Latinos.

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