“Cantinflas Retro: A Mario Moreno Retrospective” (Courtesy Mario Moreno Foundation)

[PHOTOS] “Cantinflas Retro: A Mario Moreno Retrospective” opens in San Antonio

Cantinflas, known as the “Charlie Chaplin of Mexico,” is still making people laugh. The renowned comedian came back to life in 3D last year through his son’s animated series, “The Adventures of Cantinflas.” This year, the San Antonio Public Library is honoring him for Hispanic Heritage Month in an exhibition of more than 125 photos, movie posters and films. “Cantinflas Retro: A Mario Moreno Retrospective” will be on display there from September 15 – October 15, 2012.

Last year, this same collection of replica photos, movie posters and films of Mario Moreno and his alter ego, Cantinflas, were exhibited in Mexico City by the Mario Moreno Foundation, in commemoration of Moreno’s centennial birthday and his long career spanning more than 50 years.

“Cantinflas represents every occupation and role in society,” says one of the two curators of the exhibit, Erick Rodriguez. “He’s representative of a people a nation and a movement and represents Latinos everywhere.”

Rodriguez says as they were hanging the pictures at the Library last month, people would stand around and reminisce. He says approximately 100 people were in attendance at the gallery opening last night.

Here are some of the favorite images of Cantinflas on view at the San Antonio Public Library through October 15.

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