Los Angeles has the largest Latino population in the United States. (Getty Images)

Top 10 metro areas with largest Hispanic population

The Pew Hispanic Center has released the top 60 metropolitan areas by Hispanic population. The top ten metropolitan areas listed below represent nearly 45 percent of the nation’s Hispanic population. Here is the list:

  1. Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA has 5.7 million Hispanics
  2. New York-Northeastern NJ has 4.2 million Hispanics
  3. Houston-Brazoria, TX has 2.0 million Hispanics
  4. Riverside-San Bernardino, CA has 2.0 million Hispanics
  5. Chicago, IL has 1.9 million Hispanics
  6. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX has 1.7 million Hispanics
  7. Miami-Hialeah, FL has 1.6 million Hispanics
  8. Phoenix, AZ has 1.1 million Hispanics
  9. San Antonio, TX has 1.1 million Hispanics
  10. San Francisco-Oakland-Vallejo, CA has 1.1 million Hispanics

Los Angeles and New York have the largest Hispanic populations in the U.S. In Los Angeles, Hispanics make up 45 percent of the area’s residents while in New York, Hispanics make up 24 percent of all residents.

For the 10 largest metro areas, Hispanics are the population’s majority in two cities: Miami and San Antonio, where the Hispanic share is 66 percent  and 55 percent respectively. Hispanics are the majority in 11 additional metropolitan areas in the top 60.

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