Texas principal recruits students to attend his school

Rio Esquivel has her sights set on an ivy league school. the rebellet is a junior who transferred to travis from another high school her freshman year.

“Once I got here there was no changing it. I love it here,” says Esquivel.

Her mom let her choose where she wanted to go.  Esquivel says she was drawn to the family environment and teachers are eager to help her succeed.

“I love the progress this school is making and how we are bettering ourselves for the future,” adds Esquivel.

The principal estimates enrollment was up by about one hundred students since he got here.

To be more exact, state data shows the campus has grown by one hundred thirty-one.

Davidson would like to think some of it has to do with hard work outside the building, too.

He and his staff walked through neighborhoods just to say “hi”…add believe in good ‘ole advertising.

“The staff will tell you i push them wearing their shirts so people recognize who we are and we can tell them the great things that are happening on our campus,” says Ty Davidson, Travis High School Principal.

There are times the sales pitch is too good to pass up for students slated to attend other high schools.

The principal also allows students to be more flexible in choosing their career paths within the academy .Before, a student had to pick a path and stay with it.

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