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Latinos identify as multiple races at much higher rate than other groups

In a report that will continue the conversation on Latino identity, the Census Bureau released a brief on Thursday which looked at the multiple race population … Read More

Opinion: Latino vote pivotal in North Carolina

It was culture shock when this Arizona gal moved to North Carolina in 2000.  The accent, pace of life, and outright friendliness of Southerners shook me, but … Read More

Education Nation: The real benefits of being bilingual

For years, many thought being bilingual would slow a child's progress in school. Today, studies show being bilingual benefits your brain functions for life, and … Read More

Biden cites leaders for Hispanic Heritage Month

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden is thanking Hispanic and Latino leaders for their contributions and commitment to their country. Biden, along with … Read More

Education Nation: Junior Achievement inspires student to succeed

Junior Achievement USA, has made it their mission since 1916 to prepare young men and women to take their rightful place in the workforce and “own their … Read More

Celebrity Rewind: Salma Hayek never thought she would be happily married

In a decidedly honest new interview, Salma Hayek reveals that she once thought that "everybody who was married was secretly miserable - that it was something … Read More

PEDRO SANTOS discovers new technology to produce cheaper natural gas

Not many college grads would dare skip out on the rite of passage that is job-hunting after graduation, especially not in today’s precarious economy. But that’s … Read More

Resources for exploring Hispanic heritage with your kids

Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about why it’s important for Latino children to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and shared some great websites dedicated … Read More

[PHOTOS] “Girls with Guns” exhibit raises concerns of bullying and violence

You don't often see girls playing with guns. It's disturbing, but that's what Claudia Alvarez' work inspires many to feel. Alvarez' latest exhibition, “Girls … Read More

Opinion: An epidemic’s schoolhouse allies

CHICAGO -- It's been an alarming few days of obesity-related news. First, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released the results of its "F as in Fat" report, … Read More