Governor Susana Martinez comes to the rescue

Leaving a child alone, even if only for a minute, is a minute too long.

That is why New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said, like anybody else, she had to do something when she saw a little girl sleeping, unattended in a car outside of a Walgreens in Santa Fe.

“The detail that was with me, looked out the window as he was backing up and noticed in the car next to him, there was a baby in a car seat,” Martinez said.

Martinez said she had just finished running errands at the Walgreens when she made the shocking discovery.

“I got close to the window and realized there wasn’t another person in the car,” Martinez said.

She said she asked store employees to get on the store’s intercom, give the vehicle information and call the owner of the car to the front, while the governor’s security detail called police.

“The car was running, the air conditioner was on, so the baby was cold to the touch and fast asleep,” Martinez said.

Once the owner got outside he, too, was surprised by who he found next to his car.

“I don’t think he realized it was me at first,” Martinez said. “He kept saying, you know, ‘I didn’t mean anything bad by it, I didn’t mean anything bad by it,’ and then he turned to me at one point and said, ‘Are you Susana Martinez,’ and I said, ‘Yes, I am.”

So in the end, Martinez stepped in to be sure a toddler was safe.

Walgreens shoppers said they would have reacted the same way.

“I thought it was warranted, whether it was the governor or somebody else,” one shopper said.

“I think it’d be a good move for anybody to make,” another woman said.

Other than a good lesson in parenting from Martinez, police said the father is not facing any charges because he had no bad intentions and the baby was unharmed.

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