President Obama honored Cesar Chavez — not Hugo Chavez with a national monument designation on Monday.

Cesar Chavez, Hugo Chavez Twitter confusion as Obama dedicates national monument

Anytime you can mix up a beloved Mexican-American labor icon with the current controversial president of Venezuela, it’s not exactly your best day. That’s what more than a few people did on Monday as President Obama designated Cesar Chavez’s former home a national monument.

One person even wrote in Spanish, “In what part of the movie did I fall asleep?”

Though Hugo Chavez was in the news because of his re-election, the notion that a U.S. president would designate anything in his name, is very misguided.

At the event for Cesar Chavez, Obama called Chavez a hero who brought hope to millions of poor, disenfranchised farm workers who otherwise might have remained ‘‘invisible’’ to much of the nation.

“Today, we celebrate Cesar Chavez,’’ Obama said at a ceremony at La Paz, the California farmhouse where Chavez lived and worked for more than two decades.

‘‘Our world is a better place because Cesar Chavez decided to change it.’’

Interestingly, a few called the Hugo/Cesar confusion ahead of time.

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