A rally in Washington D.C. sought to show its support for affirmative action policies as the Supreme Court presided on Fisher vs. University of Texas (Courtesy Farah Melendez)

[PHOTOS] Rally in Washington D.C. echoes support for affirmative action as Supreme Court considers case

A rally came together outside of the Supreme Court, where it was hearing the case of Fisher vs University of Texas, concerning the issue of affirmative action.

Abigail Fisher was denied admission to the University of Texas claiming that had she been of a minority race, she would have been accepted.

People rallied outside of the courthouse supporting affirmative action from different groups such as the NAACP, NOW and the Center for American Progress Campus Project.  The event also featured an appearance by Al Sharpton.

Students and school administrators expressed their passion for diversity and affirmative action. The demonstrators strongly believe in the opportunities affirmative action programs create for students of color.

Inside the courthouse, the Supreme Court struggled with the racial preferences used by the University of Texas to achieve student diversity, as several conservative justices questioned how much is enough to declare affirmative action programs no longer necessary.

Several liberal justices implied a new ruling changing the rules laid down in a 2003 University of Michigan case would create havoc not only for admissions offices but for district courts across the country charged with interpreting the law.

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