A day after the candidates discussed immigration issues in the second presidential debate, the Romney campaign put out a Spanish-language ad on the topic. ((Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images))

After debate, Romney campaign launches immigration ad

Last night’s debate was a chance to see the candidates go toe to toe on the issues, including their different views on immigration and how to address undocumented immigrants in this country.

Today, the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee launched a new ad entitled “Solutions to Immigration.” In the ad, the Romney campaign shows past video of President Obama saying he would pass immigration reform in his first term, followed by a video in which the President says he did not promise he would get everything done.

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The Romney campaign then says the Republican candidate’s immigration plan is to focus on ‘family reunification’, ‘work visas’, and ‘permanent solutions for undocumented youth.’  The ad says Governor Romney and the Republicans will fight for bipartisan immigration reform that unifies families.

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Democrats also responded today on the immigration issue.  California congressman Xavier Becerra said in a press conference call  “let’s dispel this notion” that Obama and the Democrats did nothing on immigration, saying  “We  passed the DREAM Act in 2010, and the Senate passed the DREAM Act. But only because the Republicans insisted on using the filibuster did the DREAM Act not become law. With the Democratic majority, that law would have been the law of the land.”

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