Celebrity Rewind: Britney Spears’ Latina nanny to testify in defamation case against singer

It sounds straight out of a telenovela: Britney Spears’ ex-nanny Lourdes Torres has been named a witness in a defamation case filed by Sam Lufti against the singer. Lufti, Britney’s ex-manager, has sued the singer and Radar Online is reporting that Torres will testify that Spears was “emotionally manipulated”  throughout her “court-ordered conservatorship.” Torres had signed a non-disclosure agreement upon her employment, but now in court she’ll take the stand and share what really happened behind closed doors during the time of Spears’s public breakdown in 2008.  In other news, Demián Bichir has been given a particularly prestigious award and fave celebs Ricky Martin and Wilmer Valderrama star in some very timely video projects. That news and more in this week’s episode of Celebrity Rewind.

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