Matt Armendariz is a reknowned food blogger and photographer whose impressive site, Matt Bites, is a treasure trove of deliciously easy and inspired recipes.Pictured here: savory vegetable crumbles. (Photo/Courtesy Matt Armendariz)

Food blogs we love: Matt Bites

Who’s blogging: My name is Matt Armendariz, and I’m a photographer, writer, and blogger over at Matt Bites. My day job is food photography, and I’ve been blogging for many years. I absolutely love it.

Explain your blog name: The naming of the blog MattBites was twofold: since it was about food and eating, I thought that the “bite” would be appropriate. And because I’m a huge dork, I figured it was a good attempt at self-deprecating humor!

Blogging since: 2008

Blogging from: I live in Long Beach, California, but travel and blog from all over the world.

Food blogs we love: Matt Bites matt portrait alternate edited food NBC Latino News

Matt Armendariz’s passion for food comes across on his gorgeously photographed blog, Matt Bites. (Photo/Courtesy Matt Armendariz)

Most popular post: My most popular post is about sweets. People love sweets! But a story from a few years ago on Spooky Apples has turned into magazine features and stories, many of which are running right now just in time for Halloween. 

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: I’ve learned that it’s a super personal place where everyone is an expert. After all, it’s something we all do regularly. It also connects us all in a way like nothing else does.

Where do you get inspiration for your posts? Since I’m in the food business, I’m constantly inspired. But a huge source of inspiration comes from traveling all over the world, where there’s so much to see and explore.

What have you learned from blogging? I’ve learned that everyone has a voice and something to say – and you can connect with so many people just by being your true self. It’s changed my life and introduced me to some rather amazing people and opportunities. 

Where else can we find you online? You can find me on  Twitter or on Facebook. I also try to keep a traditional photography portfolio. 

What are your favorite food blogs? I love the ladies of Muy Bueno Cookbook. I’m also a fan of Aran from Canelle et Vanille and Javier at The Gluster. And I can’t forget my friend Bill over at Street Gourmet LA.

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