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5 things you didn’t know about Latino voters in Colorado

Latinos in Colorado are excited about the election, according to a new survey.

Latinos Decision’s latest report revealed that voter enthusiasm among Latino voters in Colorado is much higher than it was in 2008. Making up an estimated 12 percent of the electorate in Colorado, Latino Decisions has decided to take a closer look at the attitudes of Latino voters in the Rocky Mountain State.

A survey asking Latino voters in Colorado to rank the most important issues facing the Hispanics and Latino community found the top two responses to be first to fix the economy, create jobs, unemployment and the second is immigration and the DREAM Act.

When it comes to immigration issues, a poll released on October 11 showed 69 percent of Latino voters in Colorado said they know someone who is undocumented and 55 percent know someone who may be eligible for the DREAM Act, according to Latino Decisions.

While  jobs, the economy and immigration reform have taken center stage as important topics for 2012, this new polling shows that Latino voters in Colorado also care deeply about protecting the environment, according to Latino Decisions.

A new poll released October 18 focused on environmental issues, including potential oil shale development and protection of rivers and drinking water. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said they would support a candidate who protected Colorado’s rivers and required companies to do their homework regarding oil shale.

A total of 400 registered Latino voters in Colorado were interviewed by Latino Decisions between September to October with questions regarding both presidential candidates immigration policies and voter enthusiasm.

The results by Latino Decisions showed the following:

  1. 54 percent of Latino voters said they were more enthusiastic in this election than they were in the 2008
  2. 50 percent of Latino voters in Colorado strongly approve of Barack Obama‘s current position as President
  3. 64 percent of Latino voters said they would support a Democratic candidate for Congress over a Republican
  4. A strong majority of Latino voters opted for more government regulations to ensure the environment is protected
  5. 69 percent of Latino voters said they were certain they’re voting for President Obama

Latino Decisions reports that the rise in enthusiasm among Latino voters in Colorado will be a large factor in 2012, with Latino voters nationwide expected to determine the presidential election in several other states.

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