5 easy fall makeup tips, straight from the runway

Video by: Ignacio Torres

J.Lo’s carefree curls and Zoe Saldana’s sexy cat eye makeup are the subject of envy across the country and most girls think that stands between them and trendy red carpet style is a personal makeup artist. However, it turns out that A-list, swoon-worthy beauty looks are easier to copy than you might think, says Seventeen magazine beauty director Yesenia Almonte. From rosy flushed cheeks to thick, luscious brows, here are Almonte’s straight-from-the-runway tips for looking fabulous this fall.

Vampy, rich lips

Rich, deep-colored deep lips are one of fall’s hottest trends and celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Camilla Belle have been spotted rocking this vampy look. From warm chocolate to rich burgundy, these shades smack of glamour. But be forewarned: this is a trend you need go get right, or else you’ll steer towards a look that looks more dated than daring, warns Almonte. Choose a lipstick with a moist, satin texture and keep the rest of your look simple, with a natural, full brow and just one coat of mascara.

Rosy cheeks

“That wind-kissed, flushed look is hot this fall,” says Almonte, who recommends getting the look by using a big fluffy brush to apply blush to the apple of the cheeks out to the temple. If you have light skin, opt for a poppy pink or coral blush, while olive-toned and darker shades can choose from a variety of deeper colors.

“The great thing about this trend is that you probably already have the brush and shade in your makeup bag,” says Almonte, who counts this look as a personal favorite.

Hair accessories

Bad hair day? Just reach for one of the season’s easiest trends – detailed hair accessories! Models across high-end runways were spotted with elaborate headbands and pins with luxurious materials like satin, lace and rhinestones. “On the runway we saw lots of rich textures in clothing and that translated to hair accessories,” explains Almonte, who is based at Seventeen headquarters in New York City.

“It’s a matter of personal taste, but statement pieces can really take your outfit from simple to sexy,” says the New York native. So reach for a brocade headband paired with your LBD or reach for a rhinestone hairpin paired with your trusty schoolboy blazer to immediately make any look fashion forward.

Dramatic cat eyes

Sultry, signature winged cat eye isn’t exactly a new trend (just look to gorgeous retro pictures of Raquel Welch and Rita Moreno for evidence of how this look is an eternal classic) but what stands out this season are the funky new eyeliners which allow you to achieve this style with ease.

“I love the really big, chunky eye liners have just come out that allow you to create a thick, modern look in one swipe,” says Almonte, who likes those offered by drugstore brands L’Oreal and Physicians Formula. Start from the inner corner of the eye and wing out at the corner. “It’s a really dramatic, mysterious look that’s great for parties,” notes the beauty guru. Everyone from Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldana and Sofia Vergara have become fans of the look, wearing it from the red carpet to the nightclub – making it ideal for your big night out.

Wild, bouncy curls

Curly girls, the news you’ve been waiting for is here: this season, big, thick, luscious curls are “it.” “I grew up thinking curly hair was pelo malo,” says Almonte, a Dominicana who likes to style her hair both curly and straight. “But there is a real, organic movement happening in hair right now that I am loving!” The secret to ending up with silky curls rather than a halo of frizz is a great, layered haircut, advises Almonte. Whether you rock your locks short or long, a layered haircut is essential for your curls to fall beautifully. As for styling, there are no hard or fast rules: part where you want or flip it with attitude, because this look works best when worn with plenty of confidence.

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