105-year-old woman claims to be the oldest Facebook user

Maria Colunia Segura-Metzgar celebrated her 105th birthday in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Tuesday with friends in her living room…with her friends on Facebook.

Maria’s family believes she is the oldest Facebook member in the world.

They base that on news articles this summer when Facebook celebrated the oldest member, who at the time, was 101.

Maria’s grandson Anthony Segura said the company may not be recognizing Maria as the oldest member because he wasn’t able to put in her real birth date when setting up her account about three months ago.

“Facebook has a problem. They would only go back to the 101st birthday. And every time I tried to put that she was 104 it kept coming up with an invalid date,” Segura said.

Maria’s family said reading posts on Facebook helps the 105-year-old stay mentally sharp.

They also said relatives across the country enjoy seeing her Facebook pictures because they can see how she’s doing.

NBC affiliate KOB has contacted Facebook to confirm whether Maria is the oldest member.

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