Latino celebs are using their star power to get Hispanics to the polls. (Photo/Getty Images and YouTube)

[VIDEO] Latino celebs encourage Hispanic voter turnout in political PSA’s

They sell movie tickets, music albums, set clothing trends and create buzz words. And now just days before the presidential election on Nov. 6, Latino celebrities are using their popularity to get Hispanic voters to the polls in a hot new crop of public service announcements. From Jennifer Lopez encouraging female voters to cast their vote to Demi Lovato making voting cool among teen first-time voters, here’s a look at how five of your favorite Latino super stars are making their voice heard and promoting the power of the vote.

1. Jennifer Lopez is just another voter from the block and she wants you to know that she’ll be casting her vote for Barack Obama. Citing the need for affordable health care and equal pay, Lopez writes in a recent blog post that she’s supporting a presidential candidate “who is a strong advocate for women.” And in a new PSA, Lopez is joined by a host of megawatt celebs like Julianna Margulies, Eva Longoria and Beyonce to encourage women to hit the polls.

2.  Heartthrob Ricky Martin wants equality for all and in a sleek video, asks Latinos to reelect President Barack Obama.  In the PSA, Martin – who has supported the Obama reelection campaign through a series of high-profile fundraiser – gets personal, saying that “he [Obama] supports my right to be who I am and marry the person I love.”

3. Rosie Perez created a stir with her outspoken video where she refutes Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s controversial statements regarding the fact that he would be better off if he were Latino.
“Actually Mitt, that is so true,” Perez says in the video. “All you have to do is look at the statistics and Mitt’s point becomes crystal clear.” Displaying her trademark humor, Perez adds that there is a long line of Hispanic presidents including “Jorge Washington and Jorge Bush — uno y dos.”

4. You may know Luis Manuel Miranda best for his catchy tunes and expressive lyrics about life in New York City from the Broadway show “In The Heights,” but the Tony Award winner is getting poetic about the need for Latinos to play a part in their future.

“When’s the majority no longer the majority?” raps Miranda in the video. “It’s not about supremacy or superiority – if you don’t vote, you forfeit your authority.”

5. With a little help from ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, 19-year-old Demi Lovato gets decked out in sexy black leather and stars in a fun PSA entitled “The Enforcers” for Voto Latino.


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